Other Services

See what other services we have to offer!

Health Coaching & Meal Planning: Although our barre classes will dramatically improve your health, a huge part of health & fitness it is what you eat. Schedule your free health coaching consultation with Andrea. She can help you with meal planning, accountability, strategy, and more, to make sure you get the results you want! Email your name and phone number to info@openbarrefitness.com and Andrea will give you a call! She will customize a plan based on your goals!

Private Barre Classes: Want to learn more in-depth about each move and get even greater personalized attention to your goals? We offer private lessons at EXTREMELY competitive rates. $75 per hour session, or you can purchase a pack of 10 for $45 each!

Kids Classes: Have a group of kids who need a great workout and a fun way to keep their attention throughout? Our special kids classes are each customized by co-owner, Nicole who has lots of experience working with kids, and has her B.S. in Creative Arts, specializing in Children's Education in addition to being barre trained. Email her at nicole@openbarrefitness.com for more information and to schedule. She can do barre classes, or even boys classes, boot-camp style!

Studio Rental: Our beautiful space is available for rent at the rate of $25/hour — when we do not have classes scheduled. 2 hour minimum. Contact us to schedule/book.

Transformation Program: This 12 week program is designed to completely transform your body and life. It includes not only barre classes, but also private training, diet help, motivation and mindset help, and support. To book a free consultation (AKA Transformation Session), apply here.

On-the-go Mini Exercise Ball: Our favorite exercise prop is available for purchase—Perfect for when you're stuck at home or in the office, traveling, or just too lazy to drive to class! This little ball brings big changes—it helps to engage the muscles deeper, keep your body safely aligned, and provides extra support when needed. Contact us to purchase. Make sure to download our PDF manual, and for more tips and guidance follow along with our helpful online video tutorials.