Our Story

See where we've been and where we are going

Little studio, big dreams.

Our team of 8 shares fun and effective classes with the Walnut Creek community and creates a space where you can go to be inspired and empowered by each other. We strive to provide all the support and encouragement you need to better yourself both physically and in your personal lives. We believe that health and happiness go hand-in-hand, and the best way to achieve that is together as a team.

We have set up shop in a 1440 square foot studio, and are focused on providing the most personalized barre studio experience yet! We look forward to meeting you, hearing about your goals, and then watching you achieve them: whether it be to fit into that old bikini again, keep a sharp mind for your demanding job, or train for your first marathon.

The studio features barre classes ranging from 45 minutes for quick lunch-break workouts for the busy working woman, to hour long classes conveniently scheduled in the mornings and evenings all 7 days of the week. We also offer private group and one-on-one classes. We aim to make this your new idea of 'happy hour'!

Our instructors have a passion for fitness and barre, and come from a vast variety of backgrounds to keep each class different and exciting! We have all been trained in barre, and have the knowledge and experience to make each class as safe and effective as possible. See our team bios below to get to know us and our qualifications!