Our Technique

Our method and the science behind it

What is barre?

In short- it is an all-emcompasing fitness program that will result in increased muscular strength, flexibility, and caloric burn to create beautiful sculpted bodies. The classes incorporate a mix of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and weight training, and are designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles for that long lean look!

Who can participate?

No dance or fitness background is required. We are open to everyone, as the name implies, and encourage women and men of all shapes and sizes to come give it a try.

The classes are safe for anyone, as they are low impact and our instructors are trained to provide modifications to any move that may concern an injured muscle, tendon, or ligament. Even pregnant women have been seen to safely reap the benefits of barre throughout their entire pregnancy.

The history of barre

Barre is a method that was created by Lotte Burke in the late 1940's, who was a professional ballerina with a back injury. She incorporated techniques from her ballet training with her rehabilitative therapy to create a program that would help her strengthen while allowing her to heal. She gained a large following as other people began to see amazing results under her direction. In the 1970's one of her students brought the technique to America and opened her own studio in NYC, and although it continues to evolve, it has been spreading and growing in popularity ever since.

Why it works

Isometric moves are used widely throughout the class (in other words, moves that don't involve a change in the joint angle or muscle length). Many times this lack of movement makes these exercises look easy, but in reality you will feel the burn that says otherwise! This is because the tinier the movement is, the more motor units get activated by your nervous system. Motor units are made of the nervous system fibers called neurons, along with the muscle fibers that those neurons can act on. The brain sends electrical impulses through the neuron to the muscle fibers to create the intended movement by the contraction of those specific muscle fibers. So in short, isometric movement activates a greater amount of muscle fibers, which will result in more muscle growth and tone. Aside from that, isometric movements also tend to recruit the smaller accessory muscles that aren't typically used to assist the larger main muscles in the contraction. You will know when these muscles come into play by the out-of-control shaking you will experience. You will begin to look at shaking as a good thing in these classes and should strive to get to that point!

The classes also utilize full range of motion movements to improve functional strength and cardio blasts to get the heart rate up for cardiovascular health and maximum caloric burn. You will be torching calories all day long, even when you aren't in the studio, which will help you lose weight if that's what you're aiming for. As you may know, muscle uses up more energy, even while at rest, so as you build muscle you will burn more calories, and therefore lose more weight- as long as you continue to eat healthy and use portion control of course! If your goal is not to lose weight, you may increase your daily caloric intake to maintain your weight—lucky you!

Stretching is also an extremely important part of our classes, as it not only helps prevent injury, but also stretches out those muscle fibers to sculpt them into long lean ones.

Classes offered

All classes are great for all ages and levels and utilize the same barre foundation, using different stylistic approaches. Try them all!

Open Barre: Your muscles will be burning with the use of gliders, the ballet barre, and small hand weights and/or resistance bands! This class is light on the cardio, but has lots of sculpting isometric exercises, focusing on building long, lean muscle. It's low-impact, and perfect for all levels. Always set to fun, upbeat music! Class length: 60 minutes

HIIT Barre: This class has more cardio than our typical barre class with bootcamp-inspired moves, but it is still perfect for any fitness level. It’s higher intensity, and higher impact than the other classes (but don’t worry, there are always modifications)! Guaranteed to get you sweaty. Class length: 60 minutes

Barre Express: This is our Open Barre class, condensed into 45-minutes. Scheduled during lunch hour, it's the perfect way to break up your day.