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Rezeltaken 159 classes

I can honestly say that Open Barre is the best barre studio in the entire East Bay! I have tried each and every barre class out there but nothing has come close to what I have achieved mentally and physically from doing my 3-4 classes a week with Andrea, Nicole and Charlie. These ladies rock and definitely know what they are doing! Thank you for showing me the maximum toning capabilities my body can achieve with your fun and effective barre exercises. Not to mention my increased stamina, healthier heart and stronger core, arms/legs -- definitely a more confident ME! :) I hope to continue to enjoy the benefits of your classes for as long as I can. You inspire all your members to better ourselves physically and mentally each day. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in building a community of lean, healthy, happy and strong people. Keep doing what you're doing!

Lorrainetaken 221 classes

"Open Barre Fitness is the reason I'm obsessed with barre classes! I love that you don't have to be an athlete or in great shape to be able to do the exercises. The moves are not complicated, but always effective. Every class have been challenging, exciting, and makes my muscles burn (it hurts so good)! With consistency and dedication the last few months, I have noticed a change both mentally and physically. My shoulders are more pulled back, my core is stronger, my legs are leaner, and overall I feel better inside and out! Who could ask for anything more? This is not a temporary fad to "get in shape", it is a part of my lifestyle and I'm sure everyone else who comes to this wonderful studio understands the way I feel about barre :)"

Emiliataken 186 classes

“I’ve done a lot of exercises over the past 4 years, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to find an exercise that not only makes me feel & be strong, but also makes me feel beautiful while doing it. I feel proud that I came here, and I took time out of my day to exercise for myself.”

Stephanietaken 54 classes

"As someone who used to be addicted to barre classes and has sampled studio and on-demand classes across the country (Dailey Method, Bar Method, Pure Barre, Fluidity @ NYHRC, Barre3, etc..), the quality of Open Barre workouts is just as challenging if not more since "cardio blasts" are generously sprinkled into classes.
TIP: Come in with a smile and have fun. If you're worried you can't do EVERY move as shown, do what I do: do your best and forgive yourself!"

Feliciataken 84 classes

"Open Barre Fitness Studio just opened in Walnut Creek and tonight I took my first class. It's conveniently located near my office and I called to reserve a spot at 5:30. The owner Andrea taught the class I participated in and we worked our entire body for the entire hour. (They also have 45 minute classes - the class schedule is available online.)
The class was super challenging and worked our arms, shoulders, legs, abs, and other important muscle groups. It also focused on positions that promote flexibility and strength together. The music was fun and energetic, just like Andrea! She was encouraging and helped adjust our bodies slightly when we needed it. She also suggested ways to make certain activities more difficult (for the strong and brave) or a little easier (for people like me!)
I look forward to returning to this pretty, clean studio. The staff is warm and welcoming. They have one studio for fitness, and a room in the back with lockers (lock and keys provided) and changing rooms too. They also sell clothing and accessories in the front. It's definitely worth checking this barre studio out, no matter what your fitness level is. Working toward a healthy body shouldn't just be a New Year's resolution, but if that was on your list of goals for 2016, you can definitely make it happen here!"

Amytaken 6 classes

"Thank you to Open Barre Fitness for helping me achieve the best body I've had in years! SO happy I found a workout that I enjoy and want to do weekly! I couldn't do it without my barre bestie, Brittany, and the amazing instructors!"-

Laurentaken 110 classes

"I wanted to make a quick shout out to Open Barre. This little studio is such a gem in the East Bay. The teachers are awesome, the studio is adorable, and the classes are on point. Getting my sweat on here is always a highlight of my week and is making my #whole30challenge that much better."

Michelletaken 41 classes

"In honor of International Women's Day these ladies, Andrea and Nicky were brought to my mind when I woke up this morning. They are young, strong, independent girls that had a dream and followed it! They opened this studio and are continuing to provide an amazing service to better their community around them, every single day. That is what our younger generation should look up to!
When I found Open Barre I knew I would be hooked! I can't stress enough how EVERY single class is different. Sometimes I leave hating them since walking is hard afterwards, but I always wake up the next day feeling motivated and proud for going to this studio. My muscles are constantly surprised with new moves and positions the teachers put us in, which I think is making me stronger & leaner by the day.
If you are looking for a fun, positive environment that will stretch your daily limits reach out to these girls @ Open Barre!"

Hayley Dtaken 37 classes

"I absolutely love Open Barre! At 8 months pregnant, it is incredibly difficult to find the motivation to get up and work out, but I enjoy class so much that I know it's worth going. Andrea and the girls are so encouraging and I know I'm always going to leave feeling better and more energized than when I arrived."

Kristen Staken 17 classes