The Studio

Learn about our studio space

Our mission is to provide a warm inviting place. Like the name suggests, the studio is open to anyone! We take pride on our space, and make sure that it is beautiful and clean at all times as we strive to create an atmosphere that can foster positive energy for your workout. This is your one hour per day that you can dedicate to you and only you, and the pleasant atmosphere along with our committed instructors will make this something to look forward to!

Our floors are made of cork. Cork is perfect for barre classes as it is soft to protect your joints, hygienic due to its' natural antimicrobial properties, and provides the ideal surface so that you're not slipping around and distracted during those planks!

Sometimes, the philosophy 'look good, feel good' may hold some truth. We know that sometimes cute workout apparel can be motivation enough to get dressed and head to the barre. Or, it can be a great way to reward yourself for that tricep definition you've worked so hard for! So, we have hand-picked workout tops, pants, and accessories that we know you'll love, sold here in the studio. Be sure to check them out!